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Our webshop is dedicated to providing premium Tractive GPS products for your pets. We understand the importance of keeping your furry friends safe and always knowing their whereabouts, that's why we have chosen to specialize in Tractive products.

Why Choose Tractive GPS?

Founded in 2012, Tractive has established a strong name in pet technology with their top-notched, trusted, and reliable Tractive GPS Hund (dog) devices. Tractive offers real-time tracking which means you can instantly pinpoint the location of your dog anywhere, anytime. It's not just about tracking, Tracktive, as some of our customers fondly call it, provides a complete dog safety and wellness solution.

Experience the Power of Tractive!

As pet owners, we must always be aware of our pet's location. With Tractive GPS, you gain peace of mind knowing your pet's location at all times. It's not just about locating, but also about knowing how much exercise your dog has on a daily basis, defining a safe area for your pet and being alerted when it leaves that area. The Tractive GPS devices are lightweight, robust and even waterproof. Perfect for adventurous pets!

So, discover the world of Tractive GPS. Track, locate, and keep your pets safe with Tractive.

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Why should I choose Tractive GPS for my pet?Tractive GPS offers real-time tracking, allowing you to instantly locate your pet. It also provides a comprehensive solution for dog safety and wellness tracking.What are the features I can enjoy with Tractive?With Tractive GPS, you can always know your pet's location, track their daily exercise and define a safe area for your pet. You will also be alerted when your pet leaves the defined safe area.What makes Tractive GPS unique from other pet tracking devices?Tractive GPS is lightweight, robust, and waterproof, making it perfect for adventurous pets. More than that, Tractive offers a complete pet safety and wellness solution, unlike any other tracking devices.